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Online or telephone counselling?

Telephone Counselling?



Telephone Counselling?

Anistratenko Tatyana Grigorievna

Candidate of Political Sciences,

Professor in the Department of Regional Science and Eurasian Research Institute of Sociology and Regional Studies Southern Federal University

The President of Joint Russian Association for Psychological Counselling

            Treatment without meetings.

            Help out of  real contact.

            Online counseling: myth or reality?

Online or telephone counselling? The Future or Not

The feature of the modern world development is a stressful society. This is the explanation of political changes, economic instability, terrorist threats, development of urbanization.

The need to strengthen mental stability is evident for all the people of the planet, regardless of their country, residence, race, religion, etc.

  •  A person needs to restore and maintain mental health.
  1. Physical health + mental health = life’s success.
  2. Psychological counseling helps to gain mental health.

To find high-quality therapy is not easy: in some countries sometimes long, sometimes expensive, searches are involved.

There is a need for a high level of trust between the therapist and the client, to create a therapeutic alliance. In this subject-oriented form of business, the format of counseling plays an important role in obtaining results. It affects the improvement of the quality of life and satisfaction with it.

Experts to study various models and formats of counseling, which are represented by the new possibilities of information technology.

Remote consultation based on correspondence gains popularity. Web sites allow people to find a therapist anywhere in the world.

Consulting online applications and video chats reduce the waiting list for a reception, but it raises doubts about the effectiveness of this practice.

It may be faster and cheaper, but is it effective?

Let us try to consider this…

Remote, correspondence-based counselling by way of online counselling is gaining popularity in different countries.

Some online Online or telephone counselling organisations are set out below:-

Babylon (Great Britain) offers a therapy for 150,000 active users.

Their slogan is:-

Hand-picked doctors, supported by cutting edge technology offer their services.

PlusGuidance online counseling has 10,000 users.

Their slogan is

Be the best version of you

The American Better Help service


Also has 150,000 registered users in the UK


Their slogan is

It’s time for better help


Talk space, another online therapy platform,


Reports that it has 500,000 registered users worldwide, most of them in the US.

Their slogan is

Therapy for All


One of the advantages of online therapy is the effect of “disinhibition” or “security”, when people feel more comfortable, more relaxed at home on their sofa, and not in the therapist’s consulting room. But, there are concerns about the quality of online therapy and its real safety.

Excerpts from the Article  Eric Berne and his Dentist

“This communication is the result of some interesting hours spent by one of us (E. L. B.) in the chair of the other, where an opportunity was had, through intimate contact, to become familiar with the psychological effects of the dentist’s drill. The concomitant introspections and intermittent discussions yielded some ideas which may be of practical interest to the dental profession at large.

The factors which differentiate the work of the dentist on the living tooth from the same work on the isolated tooth are matters of relative considerations: anatomic, physiologic, and psychological. Since the physiologic factors (wetness or dryness, etc.) in a large degree, and the anatomic factors (position and steadiness of the head and jaw, etc.), in a lesser degree, depend on the psychological, and since purely psychological factors themselves are of more secondary importance, an understanding of the latter is especially desirable.”

Berne drew the perceived discomfort from approaching the dentist chair to the similar perceived discomfort when approaching the psychotherapist’s couch.

A person who seeks help from a psychotherapist or a dentist, verbally denotes his problem, while demonstrating additional information about himself, his habits, life scenario with the help of facial expressions, gestures, articulation, i.e., he speaks “body language”.This “truth of the body” is an important source of information. Coincidence or discrepancy when speech messages serve as therapeutic material.

Thus, interpersonal therapy increases the number of factors that influence the successful outcome…

Online contact can readily be achieved by using either:




These services use the basic medium of Video conferencing,

Such a selection of verbal and non-verbal messages can be distorted due to technical characteristics and impose dangerous adjustments to therapy.

It seems difficult for a therapist or a consultant to identify the meaning of the problem if it operates only with partial distorted information.

There are the strength and increase in therapeutic’s  risks.

  •      What works for one person may not work for someone else.
  1.      What is the best option?
  2.      Refuse from online counseling or reconstruct interpersonal counseling ?
  3.      The truth as always in the middle — in cooperation and a compromise of     methods.

If interpersonal therapy is successful, it can be added with an on-line counseling format that the client can use it to maintain results, being in a crisis situation or for prolonged therapy.

For me, the optimal format for online counseling is a telephone session, which, on the one hand, is devoid of visualization, but on the other hand it makes it possible to track the rhythm of breathing, its frequency, delays and pauses, the speech timbre, its activity, emotionality, response reflexivity, sensitivity, and so on.

The telephone session lasts up to 30 minutes, is paid as a full-time session and, with reduced efficiency, is an acceptable compromise for the effective continuation of therapy.

In my practice, there were variants of the development of therapeutic interactions that began in the interpersonal format and continued in the online model in whole or in part, as well as reverse variants that arose on the phone as a result of the protection of other clients and further developed in an interpersonal format.

Any options of the choice of model of consultation are possible.

The main thing is to achieve the qualitative result for you.

Look for your path and be happy.




Telephone Counselling?

Telephone Counselling?
Telephone Counselling?
Telephone Counselling?

Telephone Counselling?

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