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Training Standards

Training Standards

Training Standards

  • Definition of Terms

  • Course Work

In addition to any academic level a person interested in the profession of counselling should enrol with a Counselling Training Organisation that uses external examiners, has an appeals procedure and which is recognised by their Local National Association for Counselling. This course of studies must give an in-depth training in counselling which includes in its syllabus the opportunity for the trainee counsellor to develop their ethical and core competencies as covered in this section of the EAC website.

    • Personal Development

Whereas each training course will be implemented to their specific theoretical counselling approach it should also offer opportunities for the trainee to continue personal development.

During the course the student must develop intellectual understanding and knowledge, while at the same time develop an understanding of how their personal issues can influence the counselling process. This will enhance the development of the students emotional maturity and their acceptance of self and others in the counselling process. The training course will give the student the opportunity of experiencing working in roles of both counsellor and client within a formal professional client relationship.

There should be an adequate amount of working within a supervised arrangement.

Training Requirements

The following guidelines should be at least met within a period of a minimum of 3 years – to a maximum of 6 years:-

The student should be able to prove that they undertook 300 hours of course work including work in theory and skills, they should be able to prove 50 hours of Continued Professional Development (CPD) within their chosen model of practice and have evidence of 150 hours of supervised practice.

Personal Commitment

To prove their commitment at the outset a trainee should sign their agreement to keep up the relevant codes of practice and ethics as set out by their chosen training organisation, they should hold professional liability insurance (where possible locally) and undertake ongoing counselling supervision. The student and post-qualification counsellor should always be able to show that they have continued their professional development.

2 thoughts on “Training Standards

  1. Regina Sichart-Hartmann

    Dear Sirs,

    I’m not quite sure aboput the meaning of “450 hours of supervised practice”. I think, the meaning is, that someone ist working in a regular job and takes continuous supervision for example once a month. Or is the meaning that someone has to prove 450 hours of supervision?

    Thank you very much for your answer!
    Regina Sichart-Hartmann

    1. eacweb Post author

      Hello Regina
      You will find everything you require in the Ethics section of the site it goes into great detail regarding Supervision; Accreditation etc.

      Any problems drop me an email


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