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Ethics – Counsellor Accreditation

Ethics & counsellor accreditation

Standards & Ethics

The aim of the European Association for Counselling


Welcome to the European Association for Counselling (EAC) Section on Standards, Ethics and Counsellor Accreditation

Since its inception at Montecatini Italy, the Association along with its member organisations the aim has been to introduce a standard for Counsellor Accreditation through training that will be recognised across Europe, working toward ‘Counselling without Frontiers”.

The EAC is guided by a set of values which is underpinned by ethical practice principles that deal with a range of ethical problems, the Charter indicates an important development within the EAC, the Charter of Ethics recognises the extensive experience and different approaches through today’s multicultural society. The drawing up of the Charter of Ethics reflects ethical diversity through human rights, values and principles.

Guideline ethics

Here we set out our guideline to help those organisations who wish to join us in this common effort to set up counselling as a European profession with clear goals and ethics for counselling. The overall aim of counselling is to help clients live in a more satisfying way. Counselling is an interactive process contracted between counsellor(s) and client(s). Therapy can be involved with resolving specific problems, helping clients cope with a crisis or working through feelings of inner conflict and improving their relationships with other people. The counsellors role in this practice is to facilitate and help develop the clients efforts while respecting the client’s personal values, personal resources and capacity for self-determination. Here we re-affirm the standards of ethical practice with excellence and continuous growth necessary, if we, as counsellors, are to respond to the growing needs of the public facing new educational, sociopolitical, cultural and economic realities.

Introducing the European Certificate of Counsellor Accreditation


The foundation of the work of the EAC is the establishment of an ethical framework of information for minimum training standards for counsellors across Europe, after taking into consideration and accepting our different nationalities ethical principles and cultures.

Charter of Ethics

The EAC is grateful to be aided in this work by support from the many national organisations who have developed high training standards in excess of those recommended in the awarding of the European Certificate of Counsellor Accreditation and in that way contributed to the content of the EAC Charter. This work is, also, a new milestone in the progress of the European Association for Counselling. It follows the publication of the Charter of Ethics for practising counsellors. The European Certificate of Counsellor Accreditation introduces a new era in the Counselling profession and signifies our acceptance and the commonality of our efforts to have counselling recognised as a true European helping profession.

The structure of the Charter of Ethics is an example of successful co-operation between different approaches, cultures and personalities. It is also an incentive to all of us to continue with the work for counsellor professional conduct and development across frontiers. The EAC requires that all of its members comply in all their activities with the policy content of the Charter that reflects our professional values across a range of ethical problems.

PTSAC FREE Booklet EAC Ethics

There are two ways you can have access to a FREE copy of the EAC Professional Training, Accreditation and Ethical Charter

  • Complete your name and primary email address in the registration box at the bottom of this or any page.
  • You can read it on line by clicking on booklet below and then select the TV image on the menu just above the booklet to view in full screen

EAC Ethics

19 thoughts on “Ethics – Counsellor Accreditation

    1. eacweb Post author

      Hello Joy

      Your quickest way to access the Booklet is to put you email in the box below where you will be sent a link to access the booklet direct or you can read it on line.



    1. eacweb Post author

      Hi Pat
      The quickest way to get a copy of the booklet is to enter your name and email address in the box below. You will automatically get a link where you can read the item online or download it at your leisure. Any problems give me a shout!


  1. Robin Schwandt

    Please email to me a copy of the EAC Professional Training, Accreditation and Ethical Charter. Thank you!

  2. William Sutton

    Good afternoon. I am currently undertaking a PGDip level 2 course in integrative counselling. Would it be possible for you to send me the link to your information on ethics?

    Kindest regards


    1. eacweb Post author

      Hello Bernd
      Good to hear from you the present booklet is best downloaded from the website by leaving your name and primary password in the box at the foot of this page.

      This booklet is to be updated by the PTSAC but it will give you a foundation to work from.

      Kind regards

  3. Nanilii Gallegos

    I would like a copy of the EAC Professional training book. Once I have finished my Masters program I will be Licensed Psychology Counselor (LPC) I the United Staes, But I am hoping to move to Spain and work as a counselor out there, so I need to find out about and receive information about the accreditation and licenser for becoming a counselor in Europe, particularly Spain.

    Thank You,

    Nanilii Gallegos
    2602 Kendall St. Apt 301
    Edgewater, CO. 80214

    1. eacweb Post author

      Hello Nanilii I think our messages crossed I trust that you have found where you can download the PRSAC booklet directly from the site.

      We are presently in talks with an organisation in Spain, who can possibly help if you move to Spain. When you have completed your course perhaps you can indicate which country in Europe you will probably move to and we can then give you information regarding that country.

      We wish you every success for the future.

  4. eacweb Post author

    I have sent a reply by email also but the PTSAC Booklet is available by leaving your name and email address in the footer of this page any problems give me a call


  5. Patricia Ashe

    I would appreciate a copy of your Standards and Ethics booklet

    My address is

    55 Lower Albert Road
    County Dublin

    Thank you.

    Patricia Ashe

    1. eacweb Post author

      Hello Patricia

      Thanks for your enquiry, the quickest way to access this booklet is to enter your Name and Email address in the panel in the footer of any page, this will provide you with a link so that you may download the booklet at your convenience.

      The booklet is under review and the new version will be launched on these pages, however, the main points in the booklets relating to standards will remain as they are we are simply bringing the editorial up to date.

      Hope you enjoy your visits to the site and we look forward to welcoming you back soon.

  6. Rho

    Thank you very much for this opportunity, I would like to be accredited by your association, so this handbook will be very useful for my purpose.

    Best regards,

    1. eacweb Post author

      Thank you Rosella. You do understand that at the moment accreditation is only available through a National Association of the EAC. If you need further information you can send your full details by contacting the Administration through I am sure that Brenda will help you all she can.

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