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Welcome to the doorway for the EAC member only section of the Website.

Although there is a variety of content from articles to research papers and the minutes from Governing Boards and Assembly meetings, there is adequate opportunity for you to play a full role in submitting content for inclusion in these password protected pages.

It is here that you will find details of any new member benefits and decisions taken by the Executive and Governing Board to enhance the standing of the Profession of Counselling across Europe. You are invited to leave comments in this private section of anything you want the to Governing Board to discuss or any ideas you may have that will help the EAC to be truly reflective of its membership. You are the most vital cog in the wheel that is the EAC and your Governing Board want you to play your full role in the Governance of the Association. Practitioners in the Counselling profession often work on their own and miss out on the support and development opportunities that working within a team provides. This part of the site is designed to help you see you are part of a very fast growing team of like-minded individuals from all corners of Europe; this is your opportunity to share experiences and ideas and yes, ask for advice also.

The only silly questions are the ones that are not asked. If you do not ask the Board cannot answer.

This is what this section is all about use it.

Divided we are weak only by working together can we be strong.

Here you can enter your Unique Username and Password to gain access to the EAC Member ONLY part of the site, you can also update your profile and change your password.

Only Registered Paid up Members of the EAC may register for the Password Protected Section of the EAC WEB Site

Spend some time on your profile to tell your colleagues a little about you and what you do.

Take care of your password this is not retained by administration for security reasons:-

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