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Make Personal Wellness Your Number One Priority


personal wellness

You may wonder why the place you go to board an aircraft is called the TERMINAL building. Even boarding a mundane bus is usually called the TERMINUS. Listening to the news how much GOOD news do you hear or is it all doom and despondency.

So perhaps this is a good time to quote from an article that talks about personal wellness and looking after yourself and how can counselors infuse what they know into their day-to-day lives? by Lynne Shallcross, one of our friends in the Australian Counselling Association.


Lynne Shallcross of the Australian Counselling Association gives her thoughts on Personal Wellness.

Anyone who has flown on an airplane and listened to the flight attendant before takeoff has been cautioned what to do in the event the oxygen masks fall from the ceiling: Put on your own mask first before trying to help someone else. Counselor wellness experts say that idea has mileage on the ground, too.

    Helping yourself is the first stage to Personal Wellness

Helping yourself first is a principle that applies directly to counseling, says Sandra Rankin, a member of the American Counseling Association who runs a private practice in Austin, Texas. “If you’re gasping for air, you can’t help other people,” says Rankin, who is also earning her doctorate in health psychology from Walden University. “Counselors who neglect their own mental, physical and spiritual self-care eventually run out of ’oxygen’ and cannot effectively help their clients because all of their energy is going out to the clients and nothing is coming back in to replenish the counselors’ energy.”

Although most counselors are familiar with self-care even preaching the concept religiously to clients — many find it a challenge to put the concept into practice in their own lives. Wellness experts say as life gets busy, counselors may tend to assume that they can, or even should, handle problems and stress on their own. But, these experts caution, counselors who ignore their own needs will find their outlook on the profession going quickly downhill.

There is a lot more that Lynne covers in her excellent article which is well worth reading just click on Wellness an Every-Day Thing to read the rest of it here.

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