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European Association for Counselling

Developing an Open Relationship

                  Therapeutic Alliance

A confidential therapeutic alliance is a dynamic, collaborative association. It is where honesty and openness paves the way to building a satisfactory conclusion for both client and therapist. It is important that the counsellor does not view the association as a business exercise. They must devote one hundred percent of their attention on the client so that they feel important.

This confidential alliance allows the client especially to develop their private problem-solving abilities. They develop many new or better related and important coping skills to become established.  The process provides the therapist and client a working opportunity to explore the client’s personal difficulties.

It is only by developing an open relationship that the client will be able to discuss their deep set emotional feelings.  Feelings that they believe are exclusive to them.

Concerns that can culminate in stress and depression. In talking, the client may realise that they have faced similar concerns before. Allowing progress to be made.

On reflection, it allows the therapist to look at the outcomes. They also give the therapist a chance to check what has been discussed. The therapist has confidence that they have provided the best possible service.  The process allows a client the chance to cover and talk in confidence. Face-to-face with someone who is professionally qualified. Helping them find a solution to the feelings that are causing distress or confusion. Professional counsellors are experienced, compassionate and non-judgemental in their approach.

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