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Mindfulness – A Modern Methodology?



I have researched and edited a great deal of individual work. From the Internet and various Journals. In my journey to  introduce the article below and that of Counseling Today. The Journal of the American Counseling Association.

Is the Mindfulness Methodology Spiritual or Secular

MethodologyContrary to the thoughts of many people while mindfulness is spiritually based it is not religiously based.

The secular as well as those who are devout believers can learn and enjoy mindfulness in their everyday lives. It is an all-inclusive approach to meditation enabling everyone to enjoy the practice.

Mindfulness it is not a modern methodology it has been practised for centuries. It has grown in popularity of the last few decades. It is true that it has its roots in formal meditation. It is an accepted practice for therapists to take clients beyond meditation to capture the `now` in their lives.

Brain imaging studies show that taking a more present-centred perspective may help change the way people relate to their self and their experience. Thus allowing them to more effectively relate to difficult experiences.

Using this methodology as a cure all!


I was first introduced to mindfulness during my research for our web site and this newsletter. I read how it was  successfully used to master chronic pain. As many in the EAC know, I unfortunately have had many years of chronic pain. In my spine, hips and knees culminating in many operations. I made a decision to study mindfulness using the Internet for research. Taking from it many theories and exercises.

Going beyond the simple ` Mindfulness of breathing `. I learned a programme for analysing my pain for what it was. I am not cured. I still have pain, I will still probably need more surgery.  But, when a trapped femoral nerve, that used to get me out of bed and into a reclining chair for the rest of the night attacks. I can now control that pain with mindfulness, and drift off to sleep in my own bed which is wonderful.

Mindfulness is also used to decrease anxiety over the future. It can provide a break from stressful thoughts.  It can allow you to take a mental break and gain perspective, among other things. I can vouch that it does promote personal well-being. And that it enables us to experience life more fully. Bringing us to the present moment instead of being lost in thoughts and worries about our past or future.

Unfortunately, mindfulness has now become a buzz word. This suggests that it is a 9-day wonder. Fortunately, as it has been proven to have been practised for hundreds if not thousands of years. That 9-day period will last for many years to come.

Many therapists now introduce clients to Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). They teach the client to acknowledge their feelings. To become aware of their thoughts about them. When they feel anxiety, hopelessness or negative thoughts and feelings. MBCT trains them to stay with and explore them. Rather than worry and attempt to avoid them in what was an unhealthy way.

Author – a less painful journey


David Dutch


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Mindfulness Methodology


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