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Student Membership (EAC) -Application

Student Membership

student membership

EAC Student Membership

There is a popular concept of counselling, that Counselling or The Talking Therapy, is all about sitting back and listening to someone else talk and talk about their situation and problems.

Whilst listening is an essential quality of the professional counsellor it is active listening skills that are important. You may think you are a good listener so you would make a good counsellor, however you need to examine how you listen to people. As an active listener, you need to be able to feed back what you hear to the speaker by re-stating or paraphrasing what you have just heard. This is done to both confirm what has been said and confirm the understanding of what has been said by both parties in the counselling relationship.

This is one of the very reasons that becoming a professional counsellor is not the right career for many people, if you are so busy thinking of a reply to what you are being told that you start speaking before the other party has finished, perhaps, counselling may not be the best career choice for you.

Neither is counselling right for you if you seek instant benefits or financial gain. To be a counsellor of worth you need to have developed a full understanding of yourself and high level of empathy and a willingness to help other people in a non-judgemental way as well as being interested in learning.

If you are sensitive to the needs, feelings and problems of other people you will have a natural positive opportunity in a fulfilling career such as counselling.

There are counselling skills that will be developed by attending accredited training courses, through a higher education system, a University or attending a registered Counselling Training college that has a good reputation for an ethical approach. The skills developed in such a training programme are already within the student attending the course but are enhanced by the professional development of the programme.

The ability to empathise with another person is very often overlooked; almost everyone has a degree of empathy in their make-up. The more life-experiences that you have will develop your levels of empathy where you can understand and feel the mood of another person as you have life-experiences to draw on.

A good counselling course will give you:-

  • Competence in the practice of counselling skills.
  • Knowledge of theory
  • Knowledge of different counselling approaches
  • Grasp of practical skills
  • Experience in client contact situations
  • Supervision (reviewing what you have covered during client contact with a more experienced practitioner or your peers)
  • Personal therapy (with you as the client whether one-to-one or in a group)

Many students of counselling seek information on the membership benefits a student membership with the European Association for Counselling brings, possibly with a view to a future European or international career. They make a membership application as they seek to be guided by the Ethical Framework of the EAC along with membership of an Association that demonstrates to clients that you are a professional ethical counsellor.

EAC student membership is seen as an introduction to a Counselling Career

To qualify for EAC student grade of membership you are required to be studying an established relevant counselling training course working towards qualification to practice as a Counsellor

Your training organisation must support and endorse your application student membership.

Student membership is available up to the point of successfully qualifying as a counsellor or psychotherapist. Once qualified, graduates will be eligible for full individual membership of the EAC. If your training organisation are an EAC accrediting organisation, on completion of the student’s training programme they may register as a pre-accredited member and continue the development of their skills to apply for the award of the European Certificate of Counsellor Accreditation (ECCac) once they meet the criteria for EAC Accreditation. This qualification is getting increasing acknowledgement across the European Community as an indicator of a counsellor’s high level of training and ethical practice.

Student membership benefits of the EAC includes a discount at EAC conferences and access to your membership password-protected section of the website and forms the basis of your career development ready for when you are professionally qualified.

How to apply for student membership

The form below must be completed fully as it contains all the information required towards membership.

Please return your form, by printing your full name where it asks for signature { it will be accepted as an electronic signature} and press submit at end of form.

Full payment must be paid using the instructions below.-

If you have any questions or experience problems with the form just drop an email to ; or write to:-

EAC Membership Services
23 Cranwell Court
Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom

tel: 00 44 191 271 3014

Application form for student membership

The subscription 18 Euros allows students to take advantage of a low-cost entry-level membership of the EAC.

EAC student membership is available to students who are undertaking a training course which leads to a counselling qualification.

Student membership is available up to the point of qualification as a counsellor or. Once qualified, graduates will be eligible for Ordinary membership of the EAC.

If they are members of an EAC accrediting organisation they may apply for the award of the European Certificate of Counsellor Accreditation (ECCac) once they meet the criteria for Accreditation as set out in the Professional Training Standards and Accreditation Booklet. Available Free of Charge from this Website

How to apply

The form below must be completed fully as it contains all the information required for your application. Please answer EVERY Question if a question does not apply to you please place N/A into the answer box

Please allow up to 28 working days for the processing of your Student membership application. An administration charge of €10 will be deducted from any refund if an application is withdrawn and no error occurred on the part of EAC. In the event of any balances over the €10 administration charge not claimed by the applicant within one year, EAC will write off the unclaimed amount as donations.
If, however, the applicant subsequently decides to reapply, EAC will reinstate the original payment and this can be used against the new subscription.
To ensure that EAC maintains its high standard of membership, all membership applications are subject to EAC checking procedure.
This will ensure that EAC meets its quality standards for the profession and that a high standard is maintained within the counselling profession

Please return your form, by printing your full name where it asks for signature { it will be accepted as an electronic signature} and press submit at end of form.}
EAC require ratification of your studies by your training organisation their form can be found on the Website page below this form.

It is not everyone that can become a Student member of the EAC. This is done by way of completing an application form which will be assessed and references taken up.

This will ensure that EAC meets its quality standards for the profession and that a high standard is maintained within the counselling profession

Personal Details

Please complete all of this section, putting N/A if any part does not apply to you.

Title:- MrMrsMs

Your First Name:-

Family Name:

Any former/maiden names>

Gender : MaleFemale

Date of Birth:-

Your Primary Email Address

Please re-type your Email Address:


Your Street Address:

Address (cntd):


Post Code:


As verification of your address please scan and enclose a copy of official correspondence showing your name and current address dated within the last six (6) months e.g. Utility Bill; Bank Statement etc.

Home Phone including Country Code:

Mobile Phone

To apply for student membership you must be undertaking face-to-face classroom tuition of at least one year full-time or two year part-time counselling course, for at least three hundred (300) theory hours that has supervised placement with a minimum of One hundred and fifty (150) face-to-face client/contact hours as an integral part of course. Practical work must be conducted under supervision with genuine clients, not other students and which you are required to pass to graduate from your course.

Did you attend a counselling or counselling related course before your present course:YESNO
If answering YES please give details of course(s)
Training Provider(s)
Title of Course(s):
How many of these did you complete?
What Qualifications achieved?

Course Title:
Course Provider and address:
Tutor's Name:
Tutor's Email:
Date Started:
Expected completion date:

Will you complete an integral supervised placement of 150 face-to-face client/contact hours as a necessary part of your course?
If answering NO please state the number of supervised client/contact hours
What Qualification is awarded at course end:

Please include supporting evidence from your place of study to confirm your attendance, year of study and confirmation of 150-hour integral supervision.
If your place of study has an arrangement to send this information to the EAC please select from
If you answer NO you must provide this information detailing place of study on letter-headed paper.

EAC reserves right to contact Tutor for reference relating to course

Personal Development

Please give details of CPD work post graduation in the last 12 months such as workshops, lectures, conferences attended: Give details of a number of hours, course providers and accrediting bodies (if relevant). You must provide evidence such as certificates, letter signed by CPD moderator on letter-headed paper, evidence-based list of reflective reading evidence-based work that can be considered to improve your knowledge and understanding of counselling as a profession.

Please give details of any supervised counselling undertaken in last 12 months such as hours and recommendations from your supervisor. Include name of supervisor and supervisor email address

Tell us about personal counselling you have received in last twelve months: Include details such as the number of hours, modality of the counselling and your own experiences of receiving counselling. Please include name and email of counsellor


Professional References

Name of Referee:
Referee cannot be spouse/partner or relative and must have known you for a period of more than two years
Address of Referee:
Email Address of Referee:
Telephone of Referee:
Capacity in which they are known to you:

EAC reserves the right to contact referee named to obtain a reference

13. Professional History please answer all questions

Please select YES or NO to all of the following questions. A "YES" answer will not necessarily preclude you from Student membership of the EAC. Should you answer YES Please give further details in the box provided. However, if you answer NO to any of the following and it is found at a later date you have misled EAC you will be unregistered immediately. All information will be kept confidential.

Are there any complaints of professional misconduct currently under investigation or concluded in relation to your current or past positions as a counsellor or when working in a counsellor related occupation?
If YES please give details


Are you aware of any formal complaint made against you in regards to your practice in relation to your current or past positions as a potential counsellor or when working in a counsellor related occupation regardless of them being actioned or the outcome?

If YES please give details

Have you ever been refused entry to a Professional Association because of reports as to your professional misconduct?
If answering YES please give details

Have you ever been dismissed or unregistered or had any action brought against you from a Professional Body or Association due to a complaint made against you?
If answering YES please give details

Are you covered by a current DBS in the UK or an equivalent clearance in your country of practice?
If Yes please give detail of certificate, certificate number, and expiry date.
IF NO Please give details when you intend applying or reasons you do not need certificate

Do you have Individual Personal Indemnity Cover?
If answering YES please give details of company, certification number, expiry date
If Answering NO please state reasons why e.g. Group Cover, covered by employer certificate

How did you hear about the EAC
Please select from drop down menu to select more than one type please hold Ctrl key down while making selections

Please let us know what you hope to gain from your membership of the European Association for Counselling?

18. Decleration
I certify that the information is given on this form and any other documents submitted to the best of my knowledge, truthful. I have read and answered all pertinent issues as listed above

Should I be accepted for the applied level of membership I agree to agree to be bound by, the EAC Charter for Ethical Practice, Statutes, Operating Regulations and any other EAC regulations in force at the time.

I agree to pay the correct annual membership fees for my level of EAC Membership immediately by selecting the relevant button below this form.

I understand that my membership will not be actioned until all fees are paid and cleared

I accept that the membership dues are paid and renewed by either PayPal or Bank Transfer and I will bear all charges applied including currency conversion where applicable.

I accept that to cancel membership I am responsible for cancelling any payment method and I shall return any certificate(s) given, failing to cancel payment of fees your membership will be deemed to be renewed.

I accept to be bound by, the EAC Charter for Ethical Practice, Statutes, Operating Regulations and any other EAC regulations in force at the time appertaining to the level of my membership.

Membership status may be withdrawn at any time by the EAC Governing Board where information is received about the individual or organisation which has brought or could bring, the reputation of counselling or the name of the EAC into disrepute.

Your personal details will never be sold; rented or given to any third-party without your express written permission

The EAC must at all times adhere to individual country laws and must respond to any request made by a country"s legal authority

I understand that I must advise the EAC by Email to of any significant change to the above information that may affect my membership status

EAC student membership constitutes an associate membership of EAC:
a) They are eligible to be included in a listing by EAC as “EAC student membership"
b) They are eligible for discounts on future EAC Conferences and Events.
c) They do not have voting privileges at any EAC elections
d) Responsibility for adherence to codes of conduct and complaints processes and any other regulatory responsibilities lie exclusively with the student member’s training organisation.

I understand and accept that by printing my name below that represents my legally binding electronic signature.



Please ensure that you press “SUBMIT” at the end of the above form BEFORE clicking on the PayPal button to pay your Studen Membership Fees


Annual Student Membership fee paid through PayPal:-

To make payment through PayPal using your credit/debit card (You do not need to have a PayPal account) please click button below:-

Annual Fee
Bank Charges
Amount to Pay
Student Annual Membership Fee (Euro)

The fee is shown in Euros when using PayPal they will use current exchange rate if necessary and display the amount you pay in local currency at the point of transaction.
Euro value may alter slightly from above based on daily exchange rate

Once you click on the button you will be taken to the PayPal login page you can either use your PayPal account login if you have one or click on the button “Student Membership” where you can use a debit or credit card to pay your subscription.

If you prefer to pay your Student Membership fees through your Personal Bank Account please contact Brenda will send you details of how you can do this.

Student Membership

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