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National Association Status (EAC)- Application Form

National Association

national association status

The Voice for Counselling in Europe

What is the aim of the EAC?

The EAC aims to aid the further development of counselling as a profession in Europe and the official recognition of counselling as a profession. To do this the EAC seeks partnerships in policy development on counselling at National and European levels.

Why a National Association Status?

The establishment of National Association Status is critical to make sure the proper development of counselling training, practice and operation of professional codes of practice. Where no National Association recognised by the EAC exists, an Association/Organisation may request to be considered by the EAC as a representative body for the country.

Individuals and organisations in that country may become members of the EAC through their membership of the National Representative Organisation (individual members qualify for a discount against the current individual ordinary member standard fee); they will pay a supplemental fee to the National Association, to be transferred to the EAC. This will entitle the individual or organisation to be a member of the EAC, subject to the EAC Statutes and Operating Regulations.

What is the first step to apply for National Association Status?

An Organisation may apply for recognition by EAC if it can satisfy the basic criteria of 2.1 in the EAC Operating Regulations and satisfy the National Association conditions in clause 2.1. A-D inclusive of the EAC Operating Regulations.

  • The applying organisation must provide a clear plan for recruiting at least 25 of its members as EAC Individual Members, in any category, as defined in Clause 2.2 of the Operating Regulations.
  • The applying organisation shall normally have up to three years to satisfy the conditions in clause 2.1.3 A-K inclusive of the Operating Regulations after which it must apply for full National Association Status.

The Governing Board may, in exceptional circumstances, extend this time period but a failure to meet the new deadline will result in the formal withdrawal of National Association status.

During the qualifying period the applicant has a seat with Observer Status but no voting rights on the Governing Board

The following process is followed with papers and documentation submitted to the officers of the EAC. Please make sure that all documents as required below are sent in English:-

  • The EAC administration office receives the organisation’s application and checks if there are any documents missing.
  • The EAC administration office sends a copy of the application to each member of the Accreditation Committee set up to check the application.
  • The EAC administration office will contact the applicant if there are any other documents required or any questions raised by members of the committee.
  • The committee makes recommendations to the Governing Board for the acceptance; deferral or rejection of the applicant organisation.
  • The EAC administration office will inform the applicant of the decision.

The applicant Organisation will provide the EAC with the following papers to be considered for ratification of

National Association Status

. These must include the organisations documents as follows or a statement of work in progress (please refer to the document referring to National Association Status)

    • 1.1 Statement that it is Cross Modality
    • 1.2 Statutes of Organisation
    • 1.3 Code of Ethics of Organisation
    • 1.4 Ethics Committee Structure
    • 1.5 Complaints Procedure
    • 1.6 Training Standards document (if applicable)
    • 1.7 Accreditation Procedures (if applicable)
    • 1.8 Accreditation Committee details (if applicable)
    • 1.9 Training Courses held or recommended (if applicable)
    • 1.10 Payment of the application administration fee €400

Once the papers of the applying organisation have been submitted and accepted, the applying organisation will be considered for ratification at National Association Status. For full membership as a National Association the applicant organisation must recruit at least 25 (twenty-five) members to the EAC at any level or combination of levels.

When the Accreditation Committee decides that the applicant organisation has met the criteria of the EAC they will recommend to the Governing Board that the applying organisation be ratified as a full National Association (NA).

Membership as an NA is for a five-year period and, upon review, renewed for every further five-year periods afterwards. Membership at this level would enable the organisation to be an EAC accrediting organisation and recommend their accredited members to achieve the award of the European Certificate of Counsellor Accreditation (ECCac.).

Please complete the application form below to request that your Association/Organisation be recognised as an applying NA

Interim National Association

Please complete the form as fully as possible.

Organisation Details (All parts must be complete)

Organisation Name: -
Organisation Address:-

Address (Cont.)
Country: -

Telephone Number (Inc. Country Code) :-

Main Email Address:

Organisation Website :-

Year Organisation Established: -

Details of Person/Persons responsible for your Organisation:-
This means the person/persons who are liable to give account of the actions of the organisation (e.g. Chair; CEO; President, etc.)

Family Name: -
First Name: -
Contact Telephone Inc. Country Code: -
Contact Email Address: -
Position/Title: -

Each Organisation must nominate one person to be the point of contact between the Organisation and the EAC.
This person is normally the one who will attend Governing Board Meetings on behalf of the Organisation.
The contact person will be responsible for ensuring that the EAC Ethical Charter for Good Practice in Counselling is brought to the attention of and available to all members of the organisation and all people providing services for and/or on behalf of the Organisation.
All communication from the EAC will be addressed to the nominated person; any changes must be notified to the EAC in writing on headed paper and signed by the new nominated person.
No authorised person within the EAC can discuss an organisation's membership details with anyone other than the person responsible for the organisation and/or the nominated person, unless authorised to do so in writing on the Organisation's headed paper
If Different from Main Person - Organisation Nominated Person
Family Name: -
First Name: -
Contact Telephone Inc. Country Code: -
Contact Email Address: -
Position/Title: -
If the contact is a member of the EAC please quote membership number :

If applicable please provide the details of your registration number as held by the authority for registration in your country.

Registration Number: -

Profile of Organisation :-
Please give as much detail as possible about your organisation’s profile, including details of your organisation’s counselling services, as this will
assist the EAC in a more efficient delivery of services to your organisation.
For the purposes of this application, we regard ‘qualified’ as having completed a minimum of a one year full-time or two year part-time counselling course that included a supervised placement
Please select from drop down menu you may select more than one service by holding 'Ctrl' key as you make selections:-

If Other selected above please describe Organisation Profile :

Please indicate total number of staff in Organisation from drop down menu :-

Please indicate the total number of qualified practioners employed/self-employed :-

Please indicate the number of qualified practitioner volunteers: -


Please indicate number of Members in Organisation : 0 -1011-5051-100101-200201-500501- 10001001 - 50005001-1000010001-2000020001+

Please indicate number of Organisational Members : 0 -1011-5051-100101-200201-500501+

Please indicate Number of Training Organisation Members: 0 -1011-5051-100101-200201-500501+

Please indicate theoretical models used by your orgainsation and your member organisations you may select more than one from the drop down menu by holding 'Ctrl' key as you make selections:-

If Other Please Describe:

Please select one of more areas of interest to your Organisation from the drop down menu by holding 'Ctrl' key as you make selections:-

Do you have an accreditation system for members: YesNo

Is Organisation a single not for profit body, that encompasses a number of other organisations and or individuals, which has a national presence in its own country : YesNo

Does the Organisation encompass differing counselling contexts and professional interests and a minimum of three defined theoretical perspectives: YesNo

Does the Organisation seek to represent the perspectives on counselling in its own country in its dealings with the EAC and not solely the views of any single interest group : YesNo

What is your Organisation's main interest in membership of the EAC - Please select one or more items from the drop down menu by holding 'Ctrl' key as you make selections:-

If you have selected other please describe:

How did you hear about the EAC - Please select one or more items from drop down menu by holding 'Ctrl' key as you make selections:-

If Other Please tell us

I understand that payment of the administration fee does not constitute acceptance of this application by the EAC
I understand that it may be necessary to share information about the organisation with other regulatory bodies for the purposes of regulation and in the interest of public protection
I further understand that the data provided in this application may be used for statistical purposes by the EAC to improve its services to members.
I understand that the EAC will never, rent, sell or divulge details of the organisation to third parties without the express written permission of the organisation other than as stated above.
I confirm that the above information is correct and that the (*Please insert name of your Association/Organisation)
• Is in sympathy with EAC's Aims and Objectives.
• Agrees to copy and distribute to its EAC members all such information as deemed appropriate by the EAC
• Agrees to collect, or instruct an agent to collect, the EAC Membership subscription fee of its EAC members and to forward the collected subscriptions to EAC by the due date on an annual basis.

On behalf of the organisation, the designated contact person agrees to notify the EAC immediately or at the earliest opportunity of any changes relating to any of the above.
Printing the name of the contact person is acceptable as the electronic signature of that person.
Contact: -
Date: - {dd/mm/yy}

For EAC Use Only
Application Sent to PTSAC: -


Administration fee (€395) paid through PayPal at time of application:-

To make payment through PayPal using your credit/debit card please click on button below:-

When application is accepted the Annual Membership Fee of €400 is due on receipt of invoice.

Payments may be made through PayPal

Please complete your payment below

If choosing PayPal you may use a credit/debit card without opening a PayPal account
If paying fees through PayPal fee is shown in sterling. Conversion if necessary will be carried out by PayPal.

Membership fee Euro €400.00
Bank Charge € 34.00
Amount to Pay €434.00

Euro value may alter based on daily exchange rate

To make payment through PayPal using your credit/debit card please click Subscribe button below:-


Interim National Association

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