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General Counselling Organisation

Counselling Organisation

counselling organisation

A Counselling Organisation can Appear to be a dark secret to the public

To the general public counselling can seem to be a very strange and even stressful time.

People facing the thought of revealing their deepest and most intimate thoughts to a stranger, who know little about them on a personal level, can seem daunting, to say the least. Then when in their deepest need they have to decide which counsellor suits them best and what type of counselling do they offer, they are probably not aware of such phrases as cognitive behaviour or therapy, so a therapist bears a great responsibility in the early days. Where will a client feel most comfortable and confident that they can talk freely without being judged or made to feel inferior?

Taking into account the extremely personal nature of counselling, finding a registered counsellor and building a relationship with one who is well suited to both them and their needs, can seem like an intimidating process. Which is why an increasing number of people find a therapist by searching the EAC Register of European Counsellors on this site. Secure in the knowledge that registered counsellors have reached a high standard of training and ethics in their profession

If they are seeking support and advice from a counsellor, it is always reassuring to know that a counsellor is working to high standards of practice within the profession, after all, they will be placing a huge amount of trust in the chosen counsellor.

Immediate questions that arise in the mind of those seeking help from a Counselling Organisation and their members:-


  • What training and experience do they have?
  • What are their professional standards?
  • Are they a member of a professional body?
  • Are they used to specific types of client, for example, children and young people?

It is really important that a person always checks the qualifications and experience of a counsellor so that they can feel assured that they are who they say who they are and that they are indeed qualified to a professional level.

The EAC can work with a Counselling Organisation

The European Association for Counselling, as the voice, representing the many voices, for the Profession of Counselling in Europe welcomes the opportunity of working with any Counselling/Psychotherapy Organisation offering therapeutic services in any European country and those organisations who work in a related profession.

However, not all organisations qualify through our stringent selection processes. This may appear severe but we have a reputation to protect. To make sure that the public in seeking counselling assistance are assured of the professional standing and code of ethics of both organisations and individual counsellors.

When a member of the public sees that an organisation is a general member of the EAC they know that the organisation will offer confidential and professional counselling services of a very high standard and that the therapists of that organisation are all professionally trained to a European professional standard. Our members work to a strict code of practice; have a very high ethical policy and are professionally supervised throughout their careers.

The European Association of Counselling opens the door to four distinct types of organisation to the General Member Category.

  • Counselling Organisations that offer Therapeutic Services only
  • Counselling Organisations who offer Counselling Training Courses only
  • Counselling Organisations who offer a combination of Therapeutic Services and Counselling Training Courses
  • Counselling related Organisations who offer Counselling as part of their Services

Since its inception in 1992, The European Association for Counselling has worked with Counselling Service providers to establish a European Level of Training that will reflect the high standards Individual Counsellors have achieved in their chosen profession for the benefit of the public.

Through these web pages, we warmly invite Professional Counselling Service Providers and those in Counselling related Organisations to apply for a General Membership Status which will reflect their high levels of commitment to the Counselling Community while helping to raise the profile of Counselling in their own country.

Some of the benefits enjoyed by our General Counselling Organisation include:-

  • The use of the EAC Logo on their Website and promotional material
  • The ability for Training Organisations to have their courses accredited by the EAC
  • The right to offer their members and students the opportunity to qualify for the European Certificate of Counsellor Accreditation
  • Networking opportunities with organisations from every corner of the European Community
  • Access to the EAC Website members only section
  • The opportunity to take an active role in EAC conferences and workshops
  • Plus many more benefits

Find out how a General Membership of the European Association for Counselling can enhance your organisation by completing the appropriate application form below.

General Member - Non-Training

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*Main Telephone :

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Organisation Website:

Year Established:

Type of Organisation:

*Name of Contact in Organisation:

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Position in Organisation:

Application Type (please select one option): Through EAC OrganisationDirectly to EAC

If application is through an EAC accredited Organisation:

EAC Sponsoring Organisation:

Is contact an individual member of the EAC?:

How many Individual EAC members in Your Organisation?

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Is anyone in your organisation an individual member of the EAC?

If so how many please?

*How did you hear about the EAC? (Please select more than one if you wish from drop down menu hold down CTRL button as you make selections):



Administration fee (395 Euros) paid when making first application together with required paperwork as detailed in application pack which is available from

To make payment through PayPal using a credit/debit card please click on the button below:-

When your application is accepted the current Annual Membership Fee of 400 Euros is due immediately on receipt of invoice.

If an organisation wishes to pay by Bank Transfer please contact for full details.

If this is your initial application you can pay the application administration fee through PayPal using your credit/debit card please click button below:-

General Member Fee Option

Charges Apply when paying through PayPal which are similar to Bank Charges when paying through your Bank Account. Euro value may alter slightly based on daily exchange rate

Counselling Organisation

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