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Benefits of Individual Membership




Bringing it together for the benefit of all



List of Benefits of Membership

EAC works with various European counselling organisations toward establishing a common code of ethical practice, training and professionalism and all members, both organisational and personal, are reminded that, on applying for membership or on renewal of membership, they are required to subscribe in writing to, and agree to be bound by, the EAC Charter for Ethical Practice.
Membership brings with it many benefits.
The EAC continually works to raise the professional profile of its membership through professional development and training courses.


Recognition of Professional Standing

Members of the EAC are recognised as having been trained to the highest standards in the profession by EAC approved organisations who at least support the training standards agreed by the EAC. Our membership is the most important part of the Association each member having the right to vote and aid in the management of the EAC.


Professional Web Site Members Only Section

Access to the EAC Member Section of the EAC Web Site containing news of EAC; Counselling Research Documents; Articles; giving members opportunities to submit content for the general or members only part of the Website.
The website displays a full list of the members who hold the European Certificate of Counsellor Accreditation


Counselling Research

Access to counselling research and Scientific Papers in the EAC Member section of the website.


Contribute to WEB Site

Opportunity for members to contribute articles; dissertation; research papers; and other items of interest in EAC Member only section of website



Individual Membership annual fee discounted from €85 to €50 when you also belong to an EAC Counsellor Association.

Discounted entrance to all EAC Conferences & Workshops.

Discount on Newsletter Fee from €60 per year to €0 it is included with your discounted membership fee.

Discount on the new EAC on-line Journal €135 per year to €0 it is also included in your discounted membership fees.


EAC Events

Member only discounts at EAC events. As part of the membership benefits, EAC runs events including conferences and workshops which give our members the chance to directly ask the questions that are important to them and hear International speakers from the world of Counselling who offer informative and challenging talks.
At EAC conferences there is always a good number of workshops to select from giving you the opportunity to enhance your career and develop your practice and professionalism as well as the opportunity for networking with other members from around Europe.


Ethical Framework

When you become a member or renew your membership you sign up to and adhere to the Ethical Framework and Professional Conduct Procedure.
This is an assurance to members of the public that our members are practising in an ethical and professional way and have a set of guidelines to follow.


EAC Newsletter

Access to a regular newsletter to keep you up to date with everything that is happening in the Counselling World through links to articles; research and scientific papers.
Members are encouraged to offer content for inclusion in the Website with links to their own Webpage.


EAC Journal

New for the second half of 2017. An outstanding on-line member-only professional Journal complete with Articles, Counselling Research and Scientific Papers from around the world of Counselling. Members are free to make contributions to help build up a pool of knowledge.


European Accreditation

Our members have the opportunity of qualifying as an Accredited European Counsellor through the exclusive European Certificate of Counsellor Accreditation. If you have a question about the qualification please contact administration at for full details.


Find a Counsellor

Members holding the European Certificate of Counsellor Accreditation have an opportunity of an entry into the EAC Directory of European Accredited Counsellors. This is available to the public, through this website, who may be seeking the services of a Counsellor in their country. The register gives those listed a unique opportunity of being recognised as a leader in the profession. All Accredited Members will be listed.
Each accredited member will decide the amount of information shown on their personal page from simply name and country to full details of their practice to win business.
The language of the EAC is English, however, Accredited Members can include details in their own language to help promote their business in their own country.
Members can include a link back to their own website.


Member Voting

Each fully paid up member of the EAC is entitled to one vote during any election carried out by the EAC either physically at one of the EAC events such as the General Assembly or electronically at any time. This enables your voice to be heard in the governance of the EAC.


General Assembly

All members have a right to attend the General Assembly and make their voice heard by voting on the many items on the Agenda, they also have a right to raise proposals to be discussed at the General Assembly.


Use of EAC Logo and Status

We also provide a logo for our accredited members to use for their advertising, letter headings and business cards to help them stand out from the crowd. Please request artwork from our webmaster at


Use of Letters

All ordinary members have the right to use OMEAC after their name and on their stationery. While accredited members have the right to use the letters AMEAC(ECCac) after their name and on their stationery and other materials they can also apply to use the EAC logo on their websites and stationery.


Access to the Governing Board Minutes

All members have access to the Governing Board Minutes in their own member section of the Website.


Access to Executive Committee Minutes

A summary of the Executive meetings is published in the member only section of the Website.


European Collaboration

Members are encouraged to share comments and views with other members throughout Europe in the member only section of the Website.
Articles and features relating to Counselling throughout the world appear in the member-only section of the website.


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