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Accreditation Application/Renewal Form


What is Accreditation?

The European Association for Counselling (EAC) is the professional body for counselling in all European Member States.
Established in 1992 by Counselling Associations throughout Europe it was set up to raise and maintain the profile and training for counselling as a profession.
This is to protect clients and counsellors, minimise the danger of malpractice and support the development of counselling in European Member States.
In addition to drawing up criteria for the basic standard for training counsellors, it was decided to agree the standards required to offer European Accreditation underpinned by the EAC Ethical Charter of Practice which all members subscribe to.

By being accredited a counsellor demonstrates to the public that they have been assessed and considered to have attained a substantial level of training and experience, is professional; competent and bound by a code of ethics.
Accreditation is part of a counsellors professional development and requires a counsellor to prove the quality of their practice to show that they meet the criteria set to be considered suitable to be awarded the European Certificate of Counsellor Accreditation.

The EAC also recognises that the accreditation process must offer protection for the counsellor as well as the public.
This is why the EAC established the Professional Training Standards and Accreditation Committee (PTSAC) who through detailed discussion with EAC appointed Counselling Associations across Europe developed the criteria and will continue to monitor the appointment of Eurapean Accredited Counsellors.

The EAC is aware of the wide diversity of counselling across the European Member States regarding practice, training and experience of counsellors.
Because of this the ECCac is under constant review to make sure that the qualification is current and demonstrates that a holder of the ECCac is achieving high standards of practice and has not just qualified for a piece of paper that shows they can complete an application form.

EAC awards the European Certificate of Counsellor Accreditation (ECCac) to EAC ordinary members who can meet the standard for accreditation as agreed by the Governing Board and the PTSAC.
The qualification level is set out on the accreditation page of this website.
To become accredited, a counsellor must be sponsored by an EAC approved association for counselling; provide enough evidence to show that they can meet the criteria and that they can meet the overall code of practice for the qualification.

Why is accreditation important

Accreditation enables clients, employers and colleagues to recognise proven, competent practitioners.
This means that the selection of a counsellor or therapist can be based on an informed choice and not speculation.
EAC Accredited members are able to enter their business details and professional qualifications into the on-line EAC Register of Accredited Counsellors.

Application Form

This section and application form only applies to members of the EAC who are applying for the evidenced-based European Certificate of Counsellor Accreditation.

In order to apply for accreditation, you must be a current ordinary member of the EAC and your Ordinary Member fees must be up-to-date.

Accredited Membership

Accreditation by the EAC is for those who have undertaken the necessary practice and supervised practice as set out elsewhere on the website and in the PTSAC Handbook.
Members must be accredited by their chosen EAC Accredited professional body. Who will confirm that the accreditation standard has been reached by sponsoring the applicant and completing their part of the application form.

Application Form – What will I need to provide?

In the application process, you may be asked to provide evidence and information to verify that your experience matches the standards set by the EAC Accreditation Committee.
The standard has been verified by the General Assembly of the EAC in its efforts to provide a quality and recognised standard of service to the public.

Usually, accreditation by your Association/Organisation is enough evidence to supply.
It is the applicant’s responsibility to make sure that all information requested is complete prior to the application being submitted to and considered by the accreditation committee.
The process cannot be started until all fees as shown on the application form have been cleared by the recipients Bank.

What will I receive?

When the application is successful the applicant will receive two certificates:-

  • An Ordinary Member Certificate (renewed annually on cleared Membership Fees)
  • An Initial Accredited Member Certificate (renewed by receipt annually on cleared current EAC Accredited Member Fee)

Annual renewal of Accreditation

When a memeber renews their membership of the EAC they will renew their accreditation.
It is essential to maintain practice hours, supervision hours and CPD qualification to renew an accreditation.

Once a member has been accredited they will need to re-accredit annually.
Continuity of practice, regular supervision and CPD are necessary for the maintenance and development of therapeutic skills and ability.
Accredited members will need to confirm that during that year they have conducted a minimum number of hours practice, received monthly supervision and undertaken a minimum number of hours of Continuing Professional Development.

What qualifies as CPD?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the ongoing development of skills, theoretical understanding, personal development and practice.
CPD enhances professional standards and ensures an up-to-date professional service to clients.

  • Attendance at conferences, seminars and workshops
  • Further training
  • Writing original articles, reviews or similar
  • Reading journals
  • Relevant committee work (no more than 10% of total CPD requirement)
  • Research related to delivering training (no more than 10% of total CPD requirement)

What evidence will I need to offer if I am audited?

Every year a percentage of the EAC Accredited members are subject to an audit procedure by the Accrediting Committee.
When an Accredited Member is audited they will have to provide proof of their activity to ensure that they still meet the EAC criteria for accreditation.
This includes certificates of attendance at events; evidence of their learning and the impact of the CPD undertaken on their practice. Plus, details of the number of hours client face-to-face time and counselling supervision for the year.
Their sponsoring Association/Organisation will be asked to confirm their application

How do I apply?

By completing this application form you agree to be bound by the EAC Charter for Ethical Practice, Statutes, Operating Regulations and any other EAC regulations in force at the time.
Details can be found on this Web site and in the PTSAC Handbook which is available for download by leaving their name and primary email address at the base of this page.
The application form can be completed on-line and by printing your name where the form requires your signature this will be accepted as your electronic signature and will hold the same value as a physical signature on a hard copy application form.

Personal Details

Please complete all of this section, putting N/A if any part does not apply to you.

Title:- MrMrsMs Other:

Your First Name:-

Family Name:

Any former/maiden names>

Gender : MaleFemale

Date of Birth:-

Your Primary Email Address

Please re-type your Email Address:


Your Street Address:

Address (cntd):


Post Code:


Home Phone including Country Code:

Mobile Phone

Do you belong to another counselling organisation: YESNO

If you answer YES continue below:

Name of Organisation:

Website of Organisation:

Your Membership Status in Organisation:

Are you presently working as a Counsellor/Tutor/Supervisor?


Please give information relating to your supervised practice

Include details of your Supervisor; Name; email address and telephone number. Include the details covered in your supervision. Provide evidence where possible. EAC reserves the right to contact your supervisor for a reference.

I agree to a level of supervision to 10% of my face-to-face client practice.

Number of hours face-to-face client time in last 12 months

Number of face-to-face supervised hours:

Personal Development

Please give details of CPD work post graduation in the last 12 months such as training courses, workshops, lectures, conferences attended: Give details of number of hours, course providers and accrediting bodies (if relevant) and any qualifications achieved. You must provide evidence such as certificates, letter signed by CPD moderator on letter-headed paper, list of reflective reading or any other evidence-based work that can be considered to improve your knowledge and understanding of counselling as a profession.

Professional References

Name of Referee:

Referee cannot be spouse/partner or relative and must have known you for a period of more than two years

Address of Referee:

Email Address of Referee:

Telephone of Referee:

Capacity in which they are known to you:

EAC reserves the right to contact referee named to obtain a reference

Accredited Membership

Please complete this section if you intend to apply for the European Certificate of Counsellor Accreditation and this is your first application for Accreditation

I confirm that I have completed Four hundred and fifty (450) hours of evidence based supervised practice


If you have answered YES please continue

If you have answered NO please return to Pre-Accredited Member application

All applicants please complete the rest of the form

I confirm that I have successfully submitted details of my supervised counselling and CPD work to


If you have answered YES please continue

If you have answered NO please return to Pre-Accredited Member application

Professional Qualifications Gained:

Describe relevant training you have done

List all the details including dates; the training provider total number of hours and the number of face-to-face hours. Did the training include any presentations made by you? How much training time was classroom based and how much research based.

Describe your current counselling practice. Is it

It may be all or some of the drop down menu please select as many as required - please describe the details

Tell us about any counselling placements you have done - including type, hours, location.

Please describe any personal counselling you have received including number of hours; modality used; given your personal experience of counselling received.

Case Studies

Describe any case studies you wish to submit as part of your application. Include date(s) time(s). Please remember that all case studies MUST PROTECT THE ANONYMITY OF THE CLIENT(S)


The following sections must be completed by all applicants

Professional History please answer all questions

Please select YES or NO to all of the following questions. A "YES" answer will not necessarily preclude you from membership of the EAC. Should you answer YES Please give further details in the box provided. However, if you answer NO to any of the following and it is found at a later date you have misled EAC you will be unregistered immediately. All information will be kept confidential.

Are there any complaints of professional misconduct currently under investigation or concluded in relation to your current or past positions as a counsellor or when working in a counsellor related occupation?


If YES please give details

Are you aware of any formal complaint made against you in regards to your practice in relation to your current or past positions as a counsellor or when working in a counsellor related occupation regardless of them being actioned or the outcome?


If YES please give details

Have you ever been refused entry to a Professional Association because of reports as to you professional mis-conduct?


If answering YES please give details

Have you ever been dismissed or unregistered or had any action brought against you from a

Professional Body or Association due to a complaint made against you?


If answering YES please give details

Are you covered by a current DBS in the UK or an equivalent clearance in your country of practice?


If Yes please give detail of certificate, certificate number, and expiry date.

IF NO Please give details when you intend applying or reasons you do not need certificate

Do you have Individual Personal Indemnity Cover?


If answering YES please give details of company, certification number, expiry date

If Answering NO please state reasons why e.g. Group Cover, covered by employer certificate

How did you hear about the EAC
Please select from drop down menu to select more than one type please hold Ctrl key down while making selections

Please let us know what you hope to gain from your membership of the European Association for Counselling?


I certify that the information is given on this form and any other documents to the best of my knowledge, truthful. I have read and answered all pertinent issues listed

Should I be accepted for the applied level of membership I agree to agree to be bound by, the EAC Charter for Ethical Practice, Statutes, Operating Regulations and any other EAC regulations in force at the time.

I agree that should I be successful in my application for European Accreditation my full name, location, email address and membership number plus any other information I supply will be made available of the "Find a Counsellor" website register.

I agree to pay the correct annual membership fees for my level of EAC Membership immediately by selecting the relevant button below this form. I understand that my membership will not be completed until all fees are paid and cleared

I accept that the membership dues are paid and renewed by either PayPal or Bank Transfer and I will bear all charges applied including currency conversion where applicable.

I accept that to cancel membership I am responsible for cancelling any automatic payment method and I shall return any certificate(s) given, failing which membership will be deemed to be renewed.

I accept to be bound by, the EAC Charter for Ethical Practice, Statutes, Operating Regulations and any other EAC regulations in force at the time appertaining to the level of my membership.

Membership status may be withdrawn at any time by the EAC Governing Board where information is received about the individual or organisation which has brought or could bring, the reputation of counselling or the name of the EAC into disrepute.

Your personal details will never be sold; rented or given to any third-party without your express written permission

The EAC must at all times adhere to individual country laws and must respond to any request made by a country"s legal authority

I understand that I must advise the EAC by Email to of any significant change to the above information that may affect my membership status

I understand and accept that by printing my name below that represents my legally binding electronic signature.



Please press “SUBMIT” key after completing the form and then click on PayPal Button to pay your fees.

For Payment of Fees Accreditation fee includes Membership Fee Via PayPal please press “Blue Key” below once you have sent your form to administration.

Accreditation Fee

If you wish to pay your fees through your bank account please contact for full instructions.
Please remember that your membership will not be active until EAC has received your cleared funds either through PayPal of your Private Bank account.

Euro value may alter based on daily exchange rate

European Accredited Application

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