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Life-Coaching and Counselling Is there a Difference?

Skill sets of life-coaching and counselling

life-coaching skill set


                        “If you cannot see the light at the end of a tunnel –

          you may be in a cave” 

                                    Dave Dutch 2012                               


                   “We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path

              without brightening our own.”

      Ben Sweetland


What Life-Coaching and Counselling is:

The titles life-coach and counselling confuse many people who would welcome some clarification. Even those who practice these therapies would admit that there are many similarities between them. But, it is the differences that make them unique.

It would not be practical to try to compare both against one another through an article such as this. What I will do is to look at them and try through my research to clarify the situation between them.

What I am not when it comes to Life-coaching or Counselling!


I must point out again that I am not a trained Life-coach or a Counsellor. I have built two sales organisations to turn over more than £26 million a year each.

From two separate and diverse businesses. One in Financial Services the other in Telecommunications. Financial Services was Business to consumer and business to business sales.  Telecommunications was business to business. In each, I recruited and developed self-employed commission only salespeople.

You could say that I am hardened by the commercial world. I`m well placed to examine the similarities and differences of both Life-coaching and Counselling. When I sat down to develop my research I soon realised that it was not just my degree in Business Studies that helped. But that there were more similarities between the therapies and my career. More of that as we go through this comparison.

Also, what I can do in carrying out this research is leave University enunciation far behind. 

I try to look at Life-coaching and Counselling through the eyes of everyone who is reading this.

First let us look at a brief description of each therapy as given by the Therapy Dictionary:-

  1. Life Coach:- A person who counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges.
  2. Counsellor:- A person trained to give guidance on personal, social, or psychological problems.

life-coaching skill set

Many professional counsellors and life coaches wonder if they can coexist in peace and harmony?

Perhaps even flourish. Clients will be better off if both services are available from well-trained practitioners. If possible, being offered in the same practice.

To read this article please click on Life-coaching and Counselling

One thought on “Life-Coaching and Counselling Is there a Difference?

  1. Alessandro Bontempi

    Good morning,

    I would like to receive information regarding how to “accreditate” our counselling courses as a training organization.

    I work for an italian company, and as I saw there isn’t any italian association holding a partnership with you at the moment, I would like to receive all details regarding this possibility.

    Alessandro Bontempi

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