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Is Depression now an International Epidemic?


164 million Europeans, suffer a mental disorder in any year

according to the European College of Neuropsychpharmacology.

That is about 38% of the population.

People ask is depression different from anxiety?

The World Health Organisation in 2016 (1) estimated that over 350 million people worldwide suffered from this disabling negative condition.

Depression is a medical condition. It changes the ability to work, interacting with those in contact with the sufferers. Even taking care of themselves is a hard task.

Depression plays a major role on the family, work life, school life, social life, sleeping and eating habits. Almost every family has experienced a loved one suffer from depression at some time in their lives.
It does not discriminate. Men; women and children are affected. It cares not how well-educated a person is or what social background they have. Professors, chiefs of industry as well as individuals working to support their family in what can only be described as stressful and challenging times. It does not matter if the person has been positive or negative they can both be stricken by major depression in similar ways.

Depression can have a multitude of experiences that can trigger the downward spiral. To the sufferer it seems to be never-ending with no-light appearing in the dark void into which they are descending.

Both psychosocial and biochemical mechanisms appear to be important causes.

It is thought, that reduced norepinephrine and serotonin play an important role in mental well-being and the onset of depression.

Other triggers can include topics such as…. please click here to read article Is Depression now an International Epidemic?European Association for Counselling