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Operating Regulations

What Are the Operating Regulations

Although the European Association for Counselling is governed by its Statues, which you can find by Clicking on the word Statutes, the day-to-day operational rules are found in the operating regulations.

Simply put the General Assembly which is made up of the Executive, the governing body and the membership draw up the rules of the Association. These rules are almost set in stone, the only way they could be altered is by bringing the rule back, as a motion, to a general assembly for discussion and voting. That vote will either result in the approval of the motion, the rejection of a motion or the referral of the motion for amendment.

The Statutes cover such things as the Objectives, the Principles and Core Beliefs of the Association.

The Operating Regulations take these policies and asks the question How they will be carried out to cover the meaning and spirit of the Statutes.

Once a governing body (The EAC General Assembly) enacts a statute, the administrative agency (The Governing Board) responsible for carrying out that statute’s provisions adopt the regulations to enforce the statute.

Whereas a Statute can only be changed or added to by the consensus of the Executive and the members, the operating regulations can be added to or changed by the Governing Board when the theoretical statute is measured as to its practicality in the outside world.

The statutes may state the broad principle that any one individual or an organisation can be a member of the EAC as long as they support and endorse the objectives of the EAC. The Governing board take that policy, discuss the ramifications of the policy in the real world set out the membership categories and the criteria that an applicant must meet in order to successfully apply for membership.

The Governing Board together with the Executive Committee also has the authority to amend or repeal these regulations. For example, as stated above the statutes state that the only criteria for becoming a member is that an individual or organisation supports and endorses the objectives of the EAC. The governing board when implementing the operating regulations will take a view perhaps that an organisation wishing to become a member must represent a number of counselling modalities in a country, must have a minimum number of members registered with the EAC and must encourage these members to increase their knowledge of counselling to reach EAC Accreditation standards. They will also work out what membership fees should be set at so that the Association can perform its duties in a professional manner while at the same time arrange benefits for the members of the association, hold conferences or workshops all for the benefit of its members. it is these facets that can from time-to-time come up for discussion at the Governing Board and can be changed by the board without reference to a general assembly.

However, any substantial change to the way that the EAC operates must be put to the General Assembly before being acted on.

Below you will find a copy of the EAC Operating Regulations.

To read the booklet just follow the on-screen instructions.