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National Counselling Society – the Organisation for UK Counsellors


About the National Counselling Society

We at the National Counselling Society (NCS) were first set up in 1999 by a group of counsellors, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists and psychologists. Since then, we have been acknowledged as having an important role to play in counselling in the UK. We have a cooperation agreement with the Royal Society for Public Health.

Our belief is that counselling (and related therapies) should be seen as a vocation (not just a job but a worthy occupation) and that the relationship between counsellor and client is important for the outcome of therapy.

We support and promote counselling and counsellors, offering a wide variety of benefits to our members and training organisations. We also play a role in making sure that the best interests of the clients are protected. We know that we have a duty of care to the public.

Partner Organisations

PFOA – Police Firearms Officers Association The National Counselling Society has an excellent relationship with the Police Firearms Officers Association. A number of our experienced members have contracts to provide counselling for the PFOA — working with firearms officers and their families.

Visit the PFOA website »

Organisational Membership

We welcome membership applications from charities, voluntary groups, agencies, clinics and not for profit organisations as well as commercial organisations.

Organisational Membership »

We are a not for profit organisation bound by appropriate rules of governance including a constitution, codes of ethics, and various sets of standards of training and membership.

Our ethos is that counselling is a unique vocation and that this should be reflected in all our policies. We act to protect counselling from inappropriate regulation if we feel it could harm our work and the diversity, creativity and range of training options that currently exist in our profession. We were a central part of making sure that the previous Government’s inappropriate plans were dropped.

We make sure that all our members have a say and respect a wide variety of views, modalities (different types of counselling) and training routes. We acknowledge and support counsellors who work in the voluntary sector and those who work part-time as well as in full-time employment or in private practice. We also acknowledge and support the many different approaches in counselling, including faith-based approaches and alternative approaches. Unique among counselling associations in the UK we also recognise hypnotherapy as a method of counselling. Instead of following a ‘-top down-‘ approach with our members we aim to involve, encourage and work with them at all levels. We believe this is the only appropriate way of running a counselling organisation.

We continue to play a significant role in all aspects of counselling and related therapies and to welcome members, trainers and members of the public who are looking for services of an appropriate professional.