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National Coordinating Committee

coordinating committee

National Coordinating Committee (NCC)

A formal grouping of Organisations and Associations each of which has its own procedures for accrediting counsellors may be appointed a National Coordinating Committee by the Governing Board. It can be a group, association, federation, confederation or other properly constituted group of professional counsellors within a European country. A prospective coordinating committee must demonstrably represent a broad range of professional counselling approaches that encompass the largest number of practitioners and it must adhere to the principles of the EAC.

National Coordinating Committee criteria

It must meet the following conditions for Full Recognition as a National Coordinating Committee:

  • A It must encompass defined theoretical perspectives, counselling contexts and professional interests.
  • B It must provide evidence of ensuring that all its member groups meet and comply with EAC principles and standards.
  • C It must seek to represent the perspectives on counselling in its own country in its dealings with EAC and not solely the views of any single interest group.
  • D It must have at least 25 of its members subscribe as Individual Members of EAC.
  • E It must produce evidence that it has a means of ensuring that each of its constituent member organisations complies with a formal code of ethics and practice, a complaints procedure and has a means of recognising professional competence compatible with the professional standards laid down by the EAC.
  • F It must show evidence of promoting the development of counselling in its country in compliance with EAC aims and objectives. This evidence might include regional development, promotion, and programmes of activities over a three-year period.

Each National Coordinating Committee has one seat and one vote on the Governing Board and will formally appoint one representative to sit on the Governing Board.

The EAC recognised National Coordinating Committees who sit on the Governing Board will be responsible for formally appointing one of their number, to represent them, and the interim National coordinating Committees, on the Executive Committee.

A Counselling Organisation may apply for recognition by EAC as a NCC, even if it cannot fulfill all of the criteria set out above. if it can satisfy the NCC conditions as in clause 2.1.4 A-C inclusive of the EAC Operating Regulations(2012) It must also provide a clear plan for recruiting at least 25 of its members as Individual Members in any category of EAC, as defined as per below:-

Individual Members must have completed, or be undertaking, a professional training as a counsellor in a formally recognised theoretical model of counselling according to the EAC definition of counselling.
Categories of Individual Members can include:
Ordinary Members
Accredited Members
Pre-Accredited Members
Student Members

All Individual Members, apart from Student Members, have one vote in EAC General Assembly, in Elections, and in other formally constituted EAC proceedings as may from time to time be determined.

By demonstrating that it can fulfill this criteria it can take upto three years to fulfill the total criteria set out for a National Coordinating Committee., with all the benfits that level of membership attracts.

The Governing Board may, in exceptional circumstances, extend this time period but a failure to meet the new deadline will result in the formal withdrawal of Interim National Coordinating Committee status.

During this period the applying Organisation has a seat with Observer Status but no voting rights on the Governing Board.

National Coordinating Committee Section

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