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Pastoral and Spiritual Counselling with NAPCP


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Who are NAPCP Pastoral and Spirituality?

Across Ireland more than 1,000 pastoral counsellors & psychotherapists provide a variety of services, including treatment for persons with mental disorders and other treatments such as;

Counselling for adults, adolescents, children, families and couples; substance abuse treatment; wellness programs; spiritual retreats; spiritual direction; clinical training; consultation to corporations; outreach preventive services in prisons, schools; and Health Boards.

Pastoral and Spiritual Counselling for those uncertainties of life

At any time, individuals, couples or families can be confronted by uncertainties and life experiences which threaten to exhaust emotional and spiritual resources. The loss of a loved one, parent-teen conflict, loss of job or the care of an elderly parent are just a few of life’s transitions and crises that can be depleting.

While some individuals turn to a psychologist, social worker or psychiatrist, others want support and the opportunity to discuss their problems or illness in a spiritual context.

The National Association for Pastoral Counselling and Psychotherapy (NAPCP)

accepts the whole person in an unbiased way in their life context. This is the NAPCP Pastoral Vision. While there are many definitions of pastoral counselling, the one that sits most easily with NAPCP is the one that describes it as a unique form of counselling which uses spiritual resources as well as psychological understanding to bring healing and growth, respecting at all times the wishes and needs of the client.

Our community of therapists provides a professional and person-centred approach whilst respecting the spiritual and religious traditions of those who seek therapy without imposing their beliefs on the client/service user.

Established in 1994, NAPCP provides accreditation to counsellors and psychotherapists, and works to set professional standards for Pastoral Counsellors & Psychotherapists on the whole island of Ireland. It also provides accreditation of pastoral counselling centres and training programmes.

NAPCP members are offered continuing educational opportunities

by the provision of in-service training in specialised areas of practice.

For more information visit or call +353(0)1 804 0137 or mobile +353(0)872433737.

Ann Kehoe


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