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EAC Governing Board

governing board

European Association for Counselling
Governing Board

The governing board is the management and engine room of the EAC and is made up of representatives from various countries.
Meeting at least once per year the members are responsible to the General Assembly for the proper functioning of the EAC in accordance with policies and directions set by the General Assembly, in the Statutes and Operating Regulations.
The board meets, with the President acting as chair, to discuss and decide on how best to develop the EAC and to monitor member organisations to make sure that they comply with the objective and principles and our vision and mission as set out in the Statutes and Operating regulations of the Association.

Governing Board – Training and certification

One of the main subjects to discuss is training and certification.
The governing board being responsible for the implementation of the standards for training set by the Professional Standards and Training Committee
They also discuss the opportunities for funding & support from various European Commission governing bodies and promoting the EAC as a true european association.

Composition of the governing board Members

  • Officers: the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer, and the General Secretary. Any Officer must be an individual member of EAC.
  • Any Officer appointed by the Governing Board or the General Assembly. Any Officer must be an individual member of EAC.
  • One representative from each National Association
  • One representative from each National Coordinating Committee
  • One representative from each Nation Wide Association
  • One representative from each European Wide Organisation
  • One Representative from each General Member
  • One representative from each Committee created by the General Assembly or the Governing Board

All representatives to the Governing Board must be Individual Members of the EAC in order to vote on behalf of their Association

Links of the Governing Board

Through board meetings the board members provide the accountability between the General Assembly and the Executive Committee ensuring that all EAC members are kept fully informed about the business, decisions and actions made by the Executive and the results of the actions taken.
They also make sure that any resolution carried from the General Assembly is fully discussed and information transmitted to the Executive for action.

Overall the Governing Board represent the planning and strategy process for the EAC and the management of them to make sure the smooth running of the Association.

Members of the governing board represent the views of their associations and organisations when attending the board meetings and represent the Executive Committee of the EAC when they return to their organisations and Associations to help dovetail the EAC into them ensuring that all parties are committed to work together for the benefit of Counselling throughout Europe.

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