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EAC Executive Committee


The European Association for Counselling Executive Committee

    Actions of Executive Committee

  • – is the EAC management group who are responsible for the day-to-day running of the EAC. It is formed from the Governing Board and is responsible to the Governing board in carrying out its duties.
  • – The Governing Board respond to motions raised by the General Assembly and charge the Executive Committee with the responsibility of taking these motions for development for the benefit of the members.
  • – Both the Governing Board and the Executive Committee are bound by the Statutes and Operating Regulations of the Association as passed by the General Assembly of members and the applicable law.
  • – The Executive Committee meet on a regular basis, usually by a Skype conference call but will meet face-to-face when discussions merit that a Skype meeting would not provide enough time for full discussion.
  • – The Executive Committee are able to take actions which the feel are beneficial to the membership and development of the EAC without reference to the Governing Board. However, at all times they must report back to the Governing board with the results of any actions they may take together with the proposals put to the by the Governing Board.

Composition of the Executive Committee

The composition of the executive committee shall consist of no more that 15 people, the four officers of the Association plus an elected member of the organisational and individual membership covered in the Operating Regulations, plus one representative of each Committee created by the General Assembly or the Governing Board.

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