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Europe Wide Organisations

Europe map

What constitutes an Europe Wide Organisation?”

A counselling organisation which provides training in, or which represents training in a modality that is recognised as valid by the EAC may be appointed a Europe Wide Organisation by the Governing Board.

The organisation will initially be admitted as a General Organisation.

What conditions are required to be recognised as a Europe Wide Organisation?

  • A: It must be a single not for profit organisation that encompasses a number of organisations or individuals in the same counselling modality in at least six European Countries.
  • B It must encompass differing counselling contexts and professional interests in a defined theoretical model.
  • C It must provide evidence of ensuring that all its member groups meet and comply with EAC principles and standards.
  • D It must have at least 25 of its members subscribe as EAC Individual Members, as defined in Clause 2.2 of the Operating Regulations of the EAC. Where the number of EAC members falls below the minimum requirement and the Europe Wide Organisations fails to achieve the required 25 members within the time limits specified by the Governing Board, Europe Wide Organisation status will be formally withdrawn.
  • E It must have, or provide evidence of complying with, a written code of ethics or practice, a complaints procedure, and means of recognising professional competence compatible with the professional standards laid down by the EAC.
  • F It must prove evidence of promoting development of counselling in Europe in compliance with EAC aims and objectives. This evidence might include regional development, promotion, and programmes of activities over a three-year period.
  • How does a Europe Wide Organisation take part in the management of the EAC?

    Each Europe Wide Organisation has one seat and one vote on the Governing Board and will formally appoint one representative to sit on the Governing Board.

    The Europe Wide Organisations who sit on the Governing Board will be responsible for formally appointing one of their number, to represent them, and the interim Europe Wide Organisations, on the Executive Committee

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