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About European Association for Counselling

We believe every counsellor in Europe deserves the highest standard of training and support throughout their career for the benefit of the profession and the public they serve..

Who are the European Association for Counselling (EAC)?

Mission Statement

  1. European Association for Counselling is the driving force for counselling in Europe, by promoting and maintaining the highest quality of professional and ethical practice, education and ongoing professional development.
  2. The EAC values the mutual exchange of knowledge across borders and the synergistic learning that arises from this dialogue and its contribution to the mental health and well-being of all Europeans.
  3. Underlying EACs mission is a core belief in the humanitarian benefits derived from counselling. Counselling plays a pivotal role in promoting human development.
  4. The counselling profession encourages individuals to embrace change, and to build fuller, more rewarding lives.
  5. Through the advancement of counselling practice, the EAC seeks to promote the social, emotional and mental well-being of individuals throughout Europe.
  6. As the voice, representing the many voices, for the Profession of Counselling in Europe, we strengthen our authority to remain the leading association for counselling in Europe.
  7. We strive to increase awareness about the role of the profession within the European Community in all healthcare, educational and industry sectors

The EAC Objective

The fundamental European Counselling goal is to work with partner Associations/Organisations throughout Europe to further the development of Counselling as a profession in every European Country. The executive committee invites counselling associations and counselling training organisations to open discussions to help further this project, full details of membership can be found at Membership.

The EAC Task

With so many disparate European Counselling associations and organisations together with the complexity of the regulations of each country this appears to be an enormous project, as official recognition must be the foundation for the Association to progress.

However, it is felt that by forming these partnerships and putting aside local and national challenges we can work together for the common good for both Counselling and the client.

The basis of these discussions is to set up a common level of European Counselling training and expertise throughout Europe in the knowledge that many countries have training courses which are advanced and of a high quality. There are also countries in Europe where associations and organisations seek to join with a European Association to receive guidance and structure in an effort to raise the profile of Counsellors in their own country.

The Association has a newly structured Professional Training Standards and Accreditation Committee who are continuing the work of earlier committees, the members are drawn from Germany; Greece; Malta; Serbia: Ireland and the U.K.

The European Certificate of Counsellor Accreditation

The criteria set for the award of the European Certificate of Counsellor Accreditation have been agreed by the founding countries of the European Counselling Association. The levels of expertise and training required to reach the award level can be achieved by any counselling Association/Organisation in Europe. The members who achieve the award can display the certificate to show their clients that they have attained a high level of expertise and training, which is for the good of all clients. Attainment of the award allows a member to insert their business details in the on-line Accredited Member Register which is featured through the ‘Find an EAC Accredited Counsellor’ page.

What if my country has no National Association/Organisation?

Where a country does not have a Counselling Association, the Executive can work with Counselling Bodies and to help them to form a National Association which can be recognised by all counsellors in that country. Further information can be found HERE.

The European Association for Counselling keep in touch with partner Associations/Organisations by regular meetings and with their members through this website and through the General Assembly meetings with regular conferences; workshops and online communication

The conferences and workshops are open to all counsellors and anyone interested in counselling in addition to our members. They are made up of influential keynote speakers and workshops delivered by leaders from all across Europe and beyond in many cases. They are always inspiring and challenging with a good mixture of networking opportunities.

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41 thoughts on “About European Association for Counselling

  1. Lucy

    Hello I am finishing my Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling at Rutgers University in New Jersey, United States. Would your organization recognize this degree? My husband and myself own property in Italy and are citizens of Italy (we are dual citizens). Would I be able to be recognized in Italy and work there?

    1. webmaster Post author

      Hi Lucy
      As per my reply below your professional licence gained in New |Jersey is valid, however, you can join the EAC at an Ordinary Member Level to work your way to European Accreditation level just complete the application form here to join the EAC and gain access to our monthly newsletter and Journal.
      Look forward to welcoming you aboard

  2. Lisa


    I am a qualified counsellor/psychotherapist in the UK registered with the BACP. I am researching the possibility of practising in France in the future, is there a national association over there I need to register with or would membership of the EAC suffice?

    1. webmaster Post author

      Hello Lisa
      At present there is no single Association in France and it is quite difficult to set up an independent practice but not impossible while to UK is in the European Union then it will depend on the package we can negotiate. It is very fluid at the moment.

  3. Terry


    I have completed my Counselling studies in London, UK. I am an accredited member of NCS (National Counselling Society).

    Can I become an accredited member of EAC as well?

    Many thanks,


    1. webmaster Post author

      Hello Terry

      NCS is an important part of the EAC and as such as long as you have complied with the EAC criteria for Accreditation their is nothing to stop you from being accredited. I have passed you information over to administration who will contact you soon.

  4. Veronica

    Hello , I am currently a student in the U.S. pursuing my BA in clinical psychology. My dream is to move and transfer my studies to Europe, somewhere in Spain, as soon as I graduate. How soon can I be applicable to apply for the EAC accreditation? I also am planning on doing my masters at school in Europe as well. I am Spanish native speaking as I am dual citizenship from Uruguay. I would love to get more information on your services,
    thank you.

    1. webmaster Post author

      Hello Veronica

      I have passed your enquiry over to our administration who will get back to you as soon as possible.

      Good luck with the rest of your studies I am sure you will do well and be a credit to the Counselloing world.


  5. Tina Qin

    Dear Webster,

    I am a Chinese counselor who graduated from the US, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for my bachelor degree. After that, I have returned to Beijing and worked in an international hospital as patient service and social worker for two years. I also earned an MA from Australia in the education major. I am aware that China is not a member of accredited member and hope to continue my study abroad.

    I really hope to work in Europe as an accredited counselor in the future and still explore the options (about applying another master/Psychology doctor degree in Europe or the US). Is that possible to study in Europe and apply for the EAC accreditation? Looking forward to your reply.


    1. webmaster Post author

      Hello Tina
      You appear to be well travelled in your education. To answer your question, it would depend on which country you wish to study that would determine our answer as which Association could serve your needs. Although they work largely to common standards they do have alternative methods.
      Perhaps you could let me know and I will see how I can help you further.

      1. Tina Qin

        Dear Webmaster,

        Thank you for your reply! Can I study in any European country? Would they allow me to get the EAC accreditation after my graduation? My bachelor degree was in psychology from the U.S. I would like to go to Germane or Switzerland if possible.


        1. webmaster Post author

          Hi Tina

          You would be able to study in any European Country where you can find the course you wish to follow. You appear to be following the Psychology route and as you know we are the European Association for Counselling. You could also write to European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations at who possibly could offer you more advice.


  6. Lydia

    Hi, I a student counsellor finishing my Counselling studies in London, UK, according the BACP qualification standards.

    Can I become an accredited member of EAC once I finish my studies?
    Many thanks

    1. webmaster Post author

      Dear Lydia
      Glad to hear you are working towards the end of your qualifications.

      Yes, we recognise the training that is BACP approved and once you have completed your studies you can apply to the Association for membership as an Ordinary Member. To be recognised as a European Accredited member you need to complete further studies which as contained in our PTSAC Booklet. I have sent you a copy by email today.

  7. Pascale Marie Salomon

    Hello I work currently as a school counsellor in an international school in Rome, Italy,. In 12010 I received a masters in International Counseling from Lehigh University in the US. I have been working as a school counselor for the past 4 years. I would like to recive EAC accreditation could you please tell what steps i should follow. I am not currently affiliated to any Italian association.

    1. webmaster Post author

      Hello Pascale At the moment we are only accrediting counsellors who are attached to one of our National Bodies but this is an area that is under discussion and we hope to have an answer for you by the beginning of May. Our administration will contact you then. Hope that is OK



  8. pl

    I am curently enrolled in a masters in clinical psych program in Prague. The program includes 450hrs of practicum. Will this program allow me to practice as a counselor in the EU?

    1. webmaster Post author

      The latest information we have is as follows. There may have been changes that we are unaware of but her are the latest:
      We can only advise you of the latest information given by the European Commission following our request for guidance as Counselling is not a regulated profession as far as the European Commission is concerned here is the answer they sent:

      If the profession is unregulated in the EU country of destination, a counsellor should be able to take up his profession without further formality and he does not need to apply for recognition of his qualifications. He can begin practising in the host Member State, subject to the same conditions as its nationals. This includes compliance with national rules on registration of a business and health and safety for instance. The counsellor should not need to submit a certificate of recognition issued by an official authority so that the value to be attributed to his qualifications should depend solely on the situation of the employment market and on the way this market behaves, not on legal rules.

      If the profession is regulated in the EU country of destination, under the EU rules, a counsellor should be able to gain recognition of his qualification by providing evidence of recent continuous full-time job experience of at least three years by providing a certificate of competence under Article 11(a). He should get such a certificate from the relevant counsellor`s organisation in the country where they originally practised. Once the certificate of competence is received, the counsellor can then apply for recognition of his professional qualification by submitting an application to the relevant regulatory body in the country of destination.

      The relevant regulatory body then assesses whether the experience is comparable to the professional requirements in the country concerned. If there is a difference in training of at least one year, the relevant regulatory body may impose an aptitude test (an examination) or an adaptation period of no more than three years during which time the counsellor works under the supervision of a qualified counsellor working in the country concerned (Article 14).

      If the counsellor does not hold a formal qualification, there is a requirement of providing a certificate of competence testifying to having pursued the profession for 3 years in the counsellor`s country of origin. Article 3(b) of the Directive specifies that “Professional qualifications” mean qualifications attested by evidence of formal qualifications, an attestation of competence referred to in Article 11, point (a), subparagraph (i) and/or professional experience. Therefore the fact that a person does not hold an academic or other formal qualification does not preclude them from being able to apply for recognition on the sole basis of professional experience.

      An application must be acknowledged within one month of its submission and must be decided upon within three months, although this may be extended by a further month. Any refusal to recognise professional qualification must be open to appeal (Article 51).

      The above rules apply for the permanent establishment of a counsellor in another EU member state which regulates the profession.

      Where the counsellor provides services on a temporary basis in an EU country which regulates the profession, they must have previously practised their profession for at least two years in the last ten years in their country of origin (Article 5 applies). The counsellor may be required to notify in advance the relevant regulatory body in the country of destination which includes the details of any insurance cover or other means of personal or collective protection with regard to professional liability

      Hope this helps


    1. webmaster Post author

      Hello Trina,
      You can download the booklet at hope this helps many thanks for your enquiry. If we can help further please contact us at

  9. Pat

    Dear Webmaster,

    I am looking at becoming a counsellor, however my situation is not simple: I am Dutch, living in Italy (but not speaking italian yet), moving around the world ever 4 or 5 years as I am following my husband in his missions, and the day I stop moving around, I would probably live 6 months per year on the French / Swiss border (near Geneva) were I grew up and have worked in the past or in South Africa. As I don’t speak Italian, I am planning to train in the UK (travelling back and forth) but I am not even sure I would get BAPC registration after completing all the requirements, as I do not live in the UK. If I completed the BACP requirements without becoming accredited because living in Italy,, could I still apply for EAC accreditation? Alternatively I could try to find a training in France but I don’t think there is a french counseling association except for the career counselling field, in which I am not interested in. Looking forward to hearing from you!

    1. webmaster Post author

      Hello Pat

      Thank you for you enquiry yes you will have a number of issues until you settle down. Perhaps this website could provide some answers for you:- it is a very comprehensive site. You may also like to contact Mirko Bianchi at he is our representative at ANSCo our Swiss Association. Mirko is based in Lugano. ANSCo may be able to offer the advice you require. BACP show 4 Counsellors registered in Italy two of who are accredited with BACP, as they are accredited with the BACP they can also be accredited through the EAC.

      I wish you success in your efforts if you feel we can help further please let us know.


      1. Pat

        Dear Webmaster,

        Thank you so much for your prompt response which I only see now! I think my best option at the moment is to become accredited by BACP in the UK and then apply for EAC. Would you know of any BACP accredited counselling supervisor in Italy, as I obviously would have problems doing my supervision in the UK (which would increase travelling costs tremendously). Thanks again! Pat

        1. webmaster Post author

          Hi Pat
          Sorry you would need to contact BACP for that information we cannot speak on their behalf. Perhaps an email to would be the first step.
          Wishing you success


  10. Sylvestine Gbessagee

    I am the lead counselor for a university here in Liberia and will like to be a part of the organization secondly we will like to be accredited. Like the former counselor stated there is no such body in my country or region. Please help.

    1. webmaster Post author

      Dear Sylvestine

      Many thanks for your enquiry I have passed your message over to our administration and they will contact you.
      take care

    1. eacweb Post author

      Thank you, Elliot for your kind endorsement we do try 🙂

      Which Authority endorses or accredits your courses which look very thorough, comprehensive and well presented?

  11. Joy Osazuwa

    Good day,
    I am a Nigerian and president of an NGO dedicated to the rehabilitation of abused and abandoned teenage girls through counselling, a member of the counselling Association of Nigeria, I will love to be a member of EAC, however, we do no not have a recognized EAC body here in Nigeria. How can I start a body here to assist us build a relationship with EAC
    Warm regards
    Joy Osazuwa

    1. eacweb Post author

      Joy it is good to hear from you and the great work you are involved in. I am passing your details over to our administration who will contact you. Perhaps you would like to write an article for the website telling us about the work you do in Nigeria I am convinced it will be of interest to not just our members but also the many visitors who come to this site every day. You can contact me at and I will be pleased to help all I can



  12. Jenni Valle

    my name is Jenni, I am an Italian girl who got admitted for a MA Counselling degree program in USA. I know this program is going to give me the CACREP accreditation.
    Since my intention is that one of coming back to Europe after my studies, I am wondering what kind of value CACREP has here and If I can also obtain the EAC in order to be able to build my career being recognized by the Europian standards.
    Best regards
    Jenni Valle

    1. eacweb Post author

      Hello Jenni Your best idea for getting accredited in Italy when you come back is to join an Italian Association for Counselling. The representatives in Italy for the EAC is Federcounselling. You can contact them through Chiara Veneri Italian Web Site:-

  13. Ibolya Kissne Szekeres

    Dear Colleague,
    I am a Hungarian who is a registered member of BACP with an accredited course MSc in counselling psychology, working towards my accreditation. So far I have completed about 280 supervised counselling hours in England. I am going back to my country where there is no a recognised national counselling organisation by EAC.
    My question is how I can be accredited, working as a counsellor in my country and who can supervise me?

    1. eacweb Post author

      Good morning

      Your enquiry has been passed to the administration who will contact you direct



    2. Ildiko Davis

      Hello, I am also a Hungarian, who qualified and practised in the UK as a Counsellor and am a registered BACP member. I have been back to Hungary since last year and would be interested to know if there is any kind of professional framework for Counsellors to work in Hungary. I could only find acknowledgement for Psychotherapy as a profession, but in Hungary that seems to require a prior medical training. Would you please let me know any possible route towards practising in Hungary as a Counsellor? I would be also happy to network with other Hungarian Counsellors in a similar situation, so that we can support each other. My email is .

      1. webmaster Post author

        Hello Ildiko

        Please be patient I have contacted the Hungarian Counselling Association and as soon as I get some information I will email you their response.


  14. counslling

    Today i read about European Association promotes the counselling profession and its contribution to the mental health and well-being of all Europeans.i gives a great knowledge about menatal health

    1. eacweb Post author

      Dear Angela

      Associating with the European Association as a member is stating to the EU that you are dedicated to offering and ethical and professional service to your clients. If you are attached to one of thre EAC accredited member organisations you could also qualify for the European Certificate of Counsellor Accreditation. Perhaps you would like to visit our member page and sign up as an ordinary member of the EAC let me know if we can help.


  15. Robin Saunders

    I am an Australian Registered Counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association (ACA), and currently working in Geneva, Switzerland. I would like to become an accredited member of the EAC, however, I am unsure if Australia, being outside of Europe, is recognised as a National Association by EAC? Can you please advise what is my best approach to becoming a member and an accredited member of EAC.
    Kind regards,

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