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The EAC Objective

The fundamental European Counselling objective is to work with partner Associations/Organisations throughout Europe to further the development of Counselling as a profession in every European Country. The executive committee invite counselling associations and counselling training organisations to open discussions to help further this project, full details of membership cab be found at Membership.

The EAC Task

With so many disparate European Counselling associations and organisations together with the complexity of the regulations of each country this appears to be an enormous project, as official recognition must be the foundation for the Association to progress.

However, it is felt that by forming these partnerships and putting aside local and national challenges we can work together for the common good for both Counselling and the client.

The basis of these discussions is to set up a common level of European Counselling training and expertise throughout Europe in the knowledge that many countries have training courses which are advanced and of a high quality. There are also countries in Europe where associations and organisations seek to join with a European Association to receive guidance and structure in an effort to raise the profile of Counsellors in their own country.

The EAC has a newly structured Professional Training Standards and Accreditation Committee who are continuing the work of previous committees, the members are drawn from Germany; Greece; Malta; Serbia: Ireland and the U.K.

The European Certificate of Counsellor Accreditation

The criteria set for the award of the European Certificate of Counsellor Accreditation have been agreed by the founding countries of the European Counselling Association. The levels of expertise and training required to reach the award level can be achieved by any counselling Association/Organisation in Europe. The members who achieve the award can display the certificate to show their clients that they have attained a high level of expertise and training, which is for the good of all clients. Attainment of the award allows a member to insert their business details in the on-line Accredited Member Register which is featured through the ‘Find an EAC Accredited Counsellor’ page.

What if my country has no National Association/Organisation?

Where a country does not have a Counselling Association, the Executive can work with Counselling Bodies and to help them to form a National Association which can be recognised by all counsellors in that country. Further information can be found HERE.

The EAC keep in touch with partner Associations/Organisations by regular meetings and with their individual members through this website and through the General Assembly meetings with regular conferences; workshops and online communication

The conferences and workshops are open to all counsellors and anyone interested in counselling in addition to our members. They are made up of influential keynote speakers and workshops delivered by leaders from all across Europe and beyond in many cases. They are always inspiring and challenging with a good mixture of networking opportunities.

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