• racs

    RACS – Swedish report

    The Swedish National Association – Register of Accredited Counsellors in Sweden (RACS) brings news of happenings in Sweden RACS working with Nat...
  • Russia

    News from Russia (JRAPC)

    The National Association for Russia (JRAPC) reports: St Petersburg Conference Tanya Anistratenko re-elected as President Tatiana Sisikova elected as V...
  • Greece

    News from Greece (HAC)

    HAC Hellenic Association for Counselling (HAC) Brings news from Greece including:_ HAC Remembers Mika Counselors’ Education: HAC Protection of HAC m...
  • federcounselling

    Federcounselling in Italy

    Federcounselling the National Coordinating Committee for Italy reports:- New Law in Italy governing equalisation of organized professions with the so-...
  • UK

    Health Care News from the UK

    The Latest News from The United Kingdom includes Autonomy and Accountability for Care Workers Health Care and Regulation Quality of Life Report Depart...
  • serbia

    News from Serbia

    A warm welcome from the Counselling and Psychotherapy community in Serbia . The Association have appointed a new President and Vice-President you can ...
  • IACP

    News from Ireland (IACP)

    Welcome to IACP
  • Switzerland

    News from Switzerland

    In Switzerland we set standards in Counselling and go for professionalism and quality   The SGfB founded in Zurich May 2006, as the Swiss Associa...
  • federcounselling

    News from Italy

    Rivista Italiana di Counseling (RIC) Published by AssoCounseling, will be receiving contributions about counselling from members of associations acros...